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Ceylon Kitchen

If you want to experience the true taste of Sri Lanka in all its glory, then you have to visit Ceylon Kitchen.Ceylon Kitchen is full of rich flavours and is perfect for spicing up your palate. Indulge in Sri Lankan dishes that you’ll never forget.

The most authentic Sri Lankan restaurant in the country. Expect to be overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and smells of a country halfway around the world. Sri Lankan cuisine is the perfect introduction to the exotic flavours of the East.

We offer unique Sri Lankan delicacies that include many seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes. The menu includes traditional dishes such as curries, fish, shrimp, chicken, with various appetizers and rice dishes. The food at Ceylon Kitchen is spicy and flavorful. All dishes are made with fresh ingredients and are prepared to order.

Award-winning Chef Sudath Wijewardene, experienced in both the traditional and contemporary cuisines of Sri Lanka, opened this restaurant to introduce exotic Sri Lanka food to Sri Lanks living in New Zealand and Kiwis. His homeland inspires his innovative dishes to create authentic Sri Lankan dishes for his customers.

Visit Ceylon Kitchen and try the best Sri Lankan in town!